Coming Performance:

City of Darkness (working title)

by Theatre Ash (HK) & David Glass Ensemble( UK)


In 1994, with tears in her eyes, the nine-year-old Alice Cheung watched as her childhood home, Kowloon Walled City, was torn down and its residents sent to find new homes across Hong Kong and aboard. City of Darkness (working title) is a powerful tragi-comedy and visual spectacle based on Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong. Its architecture and stories have been fascinating the world even after two decades after its demolishment. Theatre Ash have researched, developed and devised the piece under the artistic direction of world-renowned theatre director David Glass (UK). They bring together some of the finest talent in physical, dance and devised theatre from Hong Kong and South-East Asia to perform a heart-stopping elegy to a world long disappeared. “Powerful imagery. Great ensemble work. Brave and ground-breaking for Hong Kong.” – Peter Jordon, former Head of Acting of HKAPA “The scratch performance was powerful and stimulating and demonstrating the impressive ensemble led by the world renowned director. Family hardship and the humble, persistent dream of something were universal yet I saw the uniqueness of the Walled City where Hong Kong people will find something here that really related to their local history.” – Dr. Cheung Ping Kuen, School Director at Hong Kong Arts School “Poetic beauty within violence. A fairy-tale-moon looked brighter in the darkness. Incidents provoked on both sides of doors. And a key extended from the umbilical cord opens the door of life.” - Yung Chi-Mo, filmmaker “The performance is beautiful and full of passion, strong potential for a wonderful piece.” – Eddy Zee, Head of Performing Arts, Taikwun “The work was creative and beautiful!” – Dandan Liang, theatre producer



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