Cheung Lok-kan

Co-Artistic Director

Lok Kan is an extensively trained physical performer based in Hong Kong and  France. She has received training in both European and Asian traditions,  including Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art (School of Drama), Ecole  Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Physical Theatre Training and  Laboratoire d’ Etude du Movement, and Ecole Philippe Gaulier de Theatre in  Paris. She has also received training in Commedia dell’ Arte (trained by Enrico  Bonavera) and School of Playback Theatre (U.K.). She is trained in traditional  Javanese mask (Supana Ponowiguno, the artistic director of the Yogyakarta  Palace) and also Javanese classical dance taught by R.Ay. Sri Kadarjai  Ywandjono, the dance tutor and princess of the Yogyakarta Palace, Indonesia.

Lok Kan has played an active role in the theatre of Hong Kong especially in  puppet theatre. She was a puppeteer and storywriter for many productions of  Make Friends with Puppet Theatre Company.

Her recent works include C' quoi C' cirque(Paris, presented by Theatre de  Verre), Teatime for Dictators (Paris / Hong Kong / Taiwan, produced by  Sensitive Tofu Theatre) and The Poetic Voyage of Mao and Hitler’s Mothers  (performed in Kuala Lumpur).  She is now a member of David Glass Ensemble (UK) and fonder of Theatre  Ash. 

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