Past Activity

“From traditional Javanese dance to contemporary” workshop

Conducted by Martinus Miroto


Venue and administration supported by City Contemporary Dance Company Dance Centre Led by one of the most extraordinary dancers from Indonesia, the workshop has started with a demonstration Improvised by Miroto and ended with the basic routines of traditional Javanese dance performed by the participants with backgrounds in contemporary dance and Chinese dance.

Feedback from the participants: "Thank you very much for the sharing.” - Cai Ying, dancer





Physical movement and devising workshop

Conducted by David Glass



Venue and administration supported by City Contemporary Dance Company Dance Centre David Glass has shared with the participants, whose backgrounds are dance and theatre, the practical approach to Physical Theatre. Rooted in the body of the performer, the emotion, physical metaphor and action become the key elements of the technique.

Feedback from the participants: "It opens my imagination. We all become part of score for a movement symphony." - Isabella Leung, theatre actress





Creative Play workshop

Led by David Glass


In January 2017, Theatre Ash hosted a theatre workshop for professional actors, dancers, playwright and directors in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This workshop was led by international award-winning theatre director David Glass. Feedback from the participants; This workshop reminded me of something simple that I had never thought of before.” Giras Basuwondo, film actor “Though this workshop, everyone can handle the spirit of playing. Creativity space can be more open for many possibilities, bravo!” Jamalidin Latif, theatre actor





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